Kfar Kolnoa Darom



The Village 

  Kfar Kolnoa Darom in Kibbutz Bror Chayil is a group of some of the top graduates of sapir college, school of  audio and visual arts. The village was established as an initiative of several organizations: the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, the Settlement Division, the Sapir College Film School, and with the support the “Or” movement. The purpose of the village is to encourage cinematic creativity and activity in the various media fields in the south and thus serve as a cultural and economic alternative to the central region.

The Settlement 

50 min drive from the center, in the pastoral heart, we chose to build the village. In one of the areas with the most paradoxes in Israel. 7 km from the border with Gaza, in the heart of a Brazilian kibbutz with green fields and endless tranquility The settlement here in the south is part of the village's social agenda, with the desire to strengthen the region and create an economic alternative for young couples who want to build a home in Israel.

Cinematic Work

In the kibbutz, in the quiet village, in the landscapes and fields of the western Negev, we created a space of creative work. All the village's families are composed of filmmakers from various fields. Together we live to allow each other to create, support, and encourage co-creation. When so many people from different fields meet, special things happen

An invitation to look in our lives 

Our Community 

The village is an inseparable part of the life of the regional community. We integrate in the area, make a living from local businesses, set up businesses and try to contribute to the development of our local community. Some of the projects that we take upon ourselves as a village are related to the creation of cinema and community, so we connect our art to the local residents here.

Our Creators
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